Preview image of Chagra Chronicles comic book. Chagra is facing his old home, the ancient city of Sebonia.  Text says, "CrinkleCo Studios is a small house
of ideas with big goals. We love
comics, digital art, and NFTs.We understand the difficulty
in finding the right partner for
a creative venture, so we’ve
devoted ourselves to make
CrinkleCo synonymous with
collaboration, dedication, and

Current Projects Include:

Axe Cop NFT promo image. Axe Cop card on the far left, on the right side it says, "Axe Cop. Check out the official Axe Cop NFT series in collaboration with CoinFront and Ethan Nicolle Creations.
Dirk Domingo and the Danger-Squad preview image. It says, "a six-issue mini series featuring the antics of Dirk Domingo and his misfit squad of space adventurers!"
Chagra Chronicles Graphic Novel promo image. It says, "A special graphic novel baed on ancient Caribbean and Mayan mythology.
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